Nov 10, 2010

3 mistakes in my first experiment with Anda Bhurji, and what you should learn from it.

10 Nov 2010, 21.45 This is the exact time I started my first experiment with Anda Bhurji.
It was awesome – truly & totally.

Here are ‘3 mistakes of my life’ as far as this first expt is concerned.

1. As I started off, I learnt that I had no mustard at all. (Lesson – Always ensure that you have proper ingredients especially mustard at the start)

2. I fried garlic, chilly & jira in oil a little longer. The chilly ‘almost’ turned coal black. (Lesson – Don’t fry chilly in oil for a long period. 🙂 )

3. I used 1 onion for 2 eggs. The onion got half its size when fried up completely. So my bhurji’s total volume got smaller that I expected and so the volume of my dinner got smaller, and i still had appetite after the dinner. (Lesson – use 2 onions for 2 eggs)

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