Jul 20, 2013

3 weeks in Rajasthan for a workshop on advanced complex analysis

I was selected for a 3 week workshop on Advanced Complex Analysis organized by TIFR, NBHM & NBHM hosted at Central University of Rajasthan, Kishangarh from 24 June to 13 July.

There were about 20 participants.
5 From West Bengal, 1 from Sikkim, 1 from Orissa, 1 from Maharashtra (myself) and rest from Rajasthan.

The chief guest for inauguration ceremony were Prof. S. G. Dani (used to work at TIFR, now retired and is visiting faculty at IITB) and VC of the university, Prof. M. M. Salunke.

The professors invited to teach us were from different top level institutes like IIT, IISC, ISI etc. Some of them were amongst the top researchers in Complex Analysis in India.

We got 2 holidays (Sundays) during the workshop. On first Sunday, we went to Jaipur for sight seeing. We visited Hawa Mahal, Amber fort, Albert hall, Birla temple, Pink city (main market), Jantar Mantar etc. Loved Hawa Mahal. Truly a masterpiece. Makes one wonder about lifestyle of kings and queens then.
On the next holiday we went to Ajmer. Visited Pushkar temple, Dargah Shariff and Jain temple at Nareli.

On 9th of July, the university had their convocation ceremony. They had invited Honorable President Mr. Pranab  Mukherjee as chief guest for the same. We were fortunate to witness that event. 100+ police were roaming around in the campus 2 days before the event. Some were in civil dress. The other guests were CM of Rajasthan, Governor of Rajasthan, MP Sachin Pilot etc.

To welcome Mr. President, hundreds of workers were toiling in the campus to make it beautiful since 2 weeks prior to president visit. And they did their job perfectly. Few were even working till midnight. It was great to see how fast the things can be done when you really decide to do it. Those guys built 2 helipads, planted about 100+ trees in campus, built lawns all in just a couple of weeks. The campus was completely transformed in those 3 weeks.

As far as the workshop is concerned, they covered wide range of topics in Complex Analysis. Right from very basics to highly advanced. As most of the participants were doing PhDs, some topics were related to their thesis. However the most important thing that we learned was to why appreciate the theory. In pure mathematics, students just study theorems, their proofs and then new theorems based on old theorems. It becomes very monotonous and mechanical. But now we can make conscious attempt to figure out the real beauty behind the theorems.

Some of the professors who taught us:

Prof. A. P. Singh , Dr. J.K. Prajapat , Prof. S. Ponnusamy , Prof. S. S. Bhoosnurmath , Dr. Kaushal Verma , Prof. Guru Prem Prasad , Prof. Mamta Rani Singh

This was a great trip. Made new friends, met great professors, learned new things & of course complex analysis.
Have got few more events coming up this month which I have to attend. Will write another post on it soon.

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