Dec 17, 2013

Attended Pedagogical Training for Mathematics Teachers on Real Analysis

So I was in Chennai for 2 weeks (20 Nov – 4 Dec 2013) to attend PTMT on Real Analysis.
(PTMT = Pedagogical Training for Mathematics Teachers)

PTMT is brainchild of Prof. Kumaresan, also known as THE MTTS MAN.
(MTTSĀ  = Mathematics Training and Talent Search Programme)

Prof. Kumaresan has dedicated his life for Mathematics Education, from last 20 years, this man has been running MTTS without any breaks.
Now he has started similar program for mathematics teachers, known as PTMT. This was the third PTMT.

The main aim of PTMT is to familiarize mathematics teachers, teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels with very specific methods (e.g. cultivating mathematical thinking, active learning etc.)

There were about 25 participants. 4 from Maharashtra, 3 from West Bengal and rest from Tamil Nadu.
The workshop was held at SSN college of Engineering. It is founded by Shiv Nadar (Co-Founder of HCL). Campus is big & beautiful.

Prof. Santhanam, Prof. V. P. Ramesh are the few other fellows who are working hard for MTTS & PTMT programmes.

The program was grand success. We are moved by Dr. Kuamresan’s vision and dedication for mathematics education in India.
Here is a man who is giving his 100% to improve the quality of mathematics education in India. Let us help him in any possible manner.
If you are a teacher teaching undergrad/grad mathematics, I strongly encourage you to apply for PTMT. If you are maths students, apply for MTTS.

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