May 8, 2010

Futility of the concept of God

You think God created everything & everyone in the universe? And there is an element of God within all? Meaning, God exists in all of us, human + other species. If so, don’t you think you are killing God when you eat non-veg? Or when you kill mosquitoes, flies? When you breathe, you are killing thousands of micro organisms. The seeds you sow for plantation, to grow vegetables, there’s a living force in them too. For better growth, you use chemicals & pesticides on the plants which in turn kills other living organisms. At every point of time, your every action, directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsciously, is killing or justifying the killing of thousands of living organisms (for your own sake). Don’t you think that you are killing God itself?

Or is it that you think God created only we human & not the other species? Haven’t you, then, killed people at war? If you haven’t directly, you have helped warriors kill them, by supporting them. You think you were helpless & so had to support them? what about the social discrimination? When you discriminate anyone on any damn basis, don’t you think you are discriminating God? Then you, my friend, being a part of God, insult other part of God, who do you think gives you authority to do that? Your God? What about other person’s God?

You think you take no part in all this (though you do unconsciously)? Animal kills other animal. If God created all of us, isn’t he, in a way, sanctioning the killing of other animals for one’s own sake? But why would a ‘divine entity’ like God would do a thing like that?

You think going to temple, praying to God, is going to help you? Help you live your life happily? Help you to achieve what you want to achieve? What about those who don’t? Aren’t they getting what they want? Aren’t any of them happy? Aren’t they ‘living’- which is the most important thing in this world? And what about animals? Those poor souls don’t even realize that something like ‘concept of God’ exists. Why does God then allow such beings to live? Why does he give them life at the first place?

Thousands of years ago, when the ‘concept of God’ was not even initiated, people were still living. It’s because of them we are here. Credit to our existence also goes to the ancestors – precisely those who didn’t give a damn about God. Why would God allow that?

God wants you to be happy? You pray God because you will be happy? Why does he put you in misery at the first place? If he doesn’t want you to be happy, why do you pray him? You think he thinks happiness comes only from misery? Why then our previous generations were in complete misery? If he wants us to be ideal for the next generations, why didn’t it happen with the previous generations? They suffered too, and we are suffering too. Neither did they prove ideal for us, nor we are going to prove to be ideal for the coming generations.

If God created this world, why didn’t he create everyone equal (and yes – vegetarian)? If there was one God at the start? Who created rest of the Gods? Who created the ‘alpha(first) God’? And who created devils? You think there is only one God – ‘alpha God’? Doesn’t that God punish you if you are not praying him and instead praying wrong ‘illusory’ God? Aren’t you insulting that God by praying other God? And yet you think you are praying him? Yet you think you will get what you are praying for?

Buddha Dharma doesn’t agree upon the ‘concept of God’. Hindu Dharma has offered a free choice – atheist or theist. .accepts all. The founders of these religions, the die-hard, the ardent followers of these religions, aren’t they culprit of God? For not putting emphasis on God? For the conscious choice of – not praying – not accepting God? Aren’t they still living? Aren’t they happy? (Their lives are perhaps better than ours)

Your every action of worshiping the God is, unconsciously, justifying the futility of worshiping the God.


  • This post is dedicated to Atul

  • Good Post

  • i love you…julie

  • U cannot argue upon some things.u got to believe.or experience.Arguments dont hold infont of Faith n viceversa is also true:)Its 4us to take sides.

  • @khushbu Yes the conflict is 'faith vs reason' [faith can be labeled as 'illogical belief'. it's like “it's the way it is” :-). (remember?)].

    I do agree that, in general, human beings need to have faith in someone/something so that they can endure the sufferings/stress in the world.
    It's more of psychological need of human beings.

    It's not important whether god exists or not, but how we look at the concept of god.

    The article was not written for 'theists to turn atheist' but for everyone so that they question & challenge every accepted notion we & our ancestors have had since long back.

  • Good post
    Makes us think Again

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