Sep 6, 2010

Google killer is here!

For all these days, you have been searching for google killer. There’s an end to the quest for google killer now. It’s right in front of us. We use it daily. Facebook!

In 1980s What Apple had been to IBM once, was Microsoft to Apple. What Microsoft was to Apple, Google is to Microsoft now. What Google is to Microsoft now, Facebook is gonna be to Google!

Google’s chief business model – advertising – is a derived one. It’s not strong or fundamental, not ‘give and take’ business. It’s all the traffic game. Anyone generating a real huge traffic on it’s website is a potential threat to Google. Facebook tops them all. Beautifully. Perfectly.

Let’s analyze how..

  • Facebook is addictive & user engaging site.
  • How many search queries you make on google every day? 10? 50? 100?
  • How long do you stay on google page as whole in a day?
  • A few minutes at max. It’s so short/quick. Search – click – move on.

If you don’t get right page, again do the same. Compare it with the time you spend on fb. It’s lot more. (The average time a user spends on facebook in a day is 32 minutes! The number is increasing day by day).

Facebook is building a great ecosystem around it. With it’s graph/Old rest API, anyone can build an app/game on fb. There are thousands of apps & games on fb. Apps are increasing day by day (Even we at dexter have launched over 12 apps).

Games like mafia wars, farmville helps engage user more deeply in facebook ecosystem.

‘Like’ button is close to become ubiquitous.

Same for ‘Facebook Connect’. Google ID is good, works on the whole google ecosystem. But ‘Facebook Connect’ is amazing, a great no. of third party sites are already using it.

Facebook page! You own a business? NGO? Shop?Any damn entity? Well facebook page is there for you. One page for every details on your business. It tells what your business/ngo/shop is upto.

Facebook is an epidemic. It has already destroyed orkut. It’s on its way to slay myspace now.

Many telecom operators are already giving free access to facebook on mobile. (Facebook may develop it’s own mobile (A idea just out of the blue. Facebook should consider it if it hasn’t thought about it yet. ** To facebook – Contact me here and I’ll tell you how to thank me if you do work on this one.**))

What does all this signify?

Growing user base. Growing no of apps/games. Increasing user engagement time on fb. Increasing traffic! More importantly, involved & concrete traffic! Facebook knows who is doing what (like google) and can display the ad just! If that’s not enough, the app & game developers can put advertising as per their choice on their apps.

Now, what’s the aim of advertisers? To reach large but correct audience in an effective manner! Facebook fits perfectly. We are beginning to see a change in the trends of advertisers. Though the change is small, it’s quite enough to threaten google. And that’s a big deal.

Facebook is competing with google on different grounds.

1. With the video sharing facility on facebook, it’s becoming a threat to youtube. It’s too early to say that, but again all the above mentioned points help boost the video business of facebook.

2. Facebook is having a very large repository for online photo storage. It’s large enough to compete picasa & flickr.

This is the positive side of having a good ecosystem (Microsoft fails miserably on this one).

With almost 500mn users worldwide, Facebook is on the roll! Facebook is playing it beautifully. It has found the key – ‘ecosystem’. If it continues to play it’s cards right, we shall see a great battle on the web!

Don’t jump to any conclusions. The quest DOES NOT take another form like ‘what’s the facebook killer?’. Give a break to Google. Everyone deserves a chance. Let’s see how google answers. There’s a lot left to be seen.


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