Life’s purpose; material indulgence

People often like to think – What is the purpose of my life? Why am I born? Who gave me my life? What does the creator want me to do? They delude themselves under the impression that their life has some purpose. They try to find it, but they don’t (If they think they found any, that is yet another illusion)

The secret is – there is no purpose of our lives – neither of the human race, nor any other species.

It’s very simple. We are just happened to be here. We are (accidentally) happened to have life. We all are result of naturally deliberate and deliberately natural process of reproduction. It it weren’t for that, you wouldn’t have been here reading this document.

The only implied aim of anyone’s life is – to sustain – to grow (biological growth predominantly)

You have got your life because of an accident – Natural accident! You have got to live the life till end – and die naturally. It’s only rational to live to the enjoy every bit of your life..

Nature is beautiful. Already. Man has added more beauty in this world by the creation of his free mind. All the materialistic things that exist in this world are the result of our mind. We must learn to enjoy both – the natural beauty plus the materialistic beauty.

My emphasis, here, is on materialistic beauty..artificial – creations..sensuous pleasures..

The most important thing for you, me, everyone, in this world, is – we exist. That the life exists within us. We must enjoy our existence. In order to do so, we must let ourselves indulge into these creations. There is nothing wrong in the indulgence of materialistic things (of course, if done rationally). Every indulgence should be rationale driven.

To illustrate, you like spicy food, indulge heavily in that, consume it in excess and you’ll get sick soon. You won’t be able to enjoy it afterward because your body won’t let you. Anything done in excess always results in adverse effects. So if you want to enjoy, what you truly enjoy, then do it rationally, in a limit, and you will be able to enjoy it in the long run without any adverse effects.

Every materialistic indulgence is rational, if done by keeping your rationale. You are free to have your own rationale, but don’t deceive yourself.

Though I’m emphasizing on the sensuous indulgence/ enjoyment for the senses, don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t mean haywire behavior. ‘To live life’ is an end in itself, the means is how you live you life. It deals greatly with the values and virtues (more on this later in another article).

Engineering, law, medical all these are noble pursuits..professions to sustain the life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love… these are what we stay alive for. (Courtesy to Dead Poets Society)

In a nutshell, live consciously, absorb everything you can, experience everything you want to..That only is the proper celebration & justice to the force of life that exists within you. For life is short, and the natural accidents never result in the same output.

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