Apr 24, 2011

More equal justice for special few…

My dad told me two cases that happened in Nashik just a few days back. Not big ones, but so common that no one would even notice it.

Case 1 – A poor adivasi lady from some village was selling some tiny birds on the road for her bread and butter for the day. A police came, took her to the court, made her pay Rs. 200 fine.

Case 2 – Another villager was sitting in some government office, smoking bidi. It’s not allowed. He was taken to the court and made to pay fine!

Thousands of such cases happen daily in India.
Why is our law ecosystem so efficient when it comes to the poor?
We say that everyone is equal under the law. That’s great.
But law is mostly used against the poor, rich gets away with the law.

Come on India, where are thy morals?

Let’s analyze the case 1. Poor lady – working hard for her bread & butter – no regular income source – no place to sell the birds (that might just be one time thing).
Legally speaking, selling stuff on the road without license is illegal we all know. But what morals give you right to punish that lady? Are you an idealist who apply the law every time no matter who you are up against? If so, then sure go ahead.
But if you cannot or do not have guts to apply them on the rich, then in the court of moral law you have no right to apply them on someone who’s striving so hard to ‘live’.

The point I want to make is this.
The rich get away because of our corrupt ecosystem. That’s different issue.
But if you cannot help someone earn their living, then at least you should look upon them from humanity point of view rather than legal view.


  • sooo very true… good write up sir…. i appreciate and believe in it….. wiil try ma best to share wid many people as i can….

  • kahirati pual uchali………

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