Jul 25, 2013

Going to IIM Ahmadabad…invited as speaker & jury for Appfest 2013

So I’m invited at yet another event, Appfest 2013 (details here) as a speaker and jury.

The event is organized by IAMAI and hosted at IIM Ahmadabad. 26-28 July.

I’ll be talking on “Rise of casual/mobile games”. There is 24hr hackathon competition for which I’m one of the jury.

Leaving today evening, two of my colleagues from Zabuza Labs will be accompanying me.

Stay tuned for more updates about event!



Jul 22, 2013

Guru Purnima event in my school Vidya Prabodhini Prashala

Today I was invited in my school on the occasion of Guru Purnima. The topic was – “Mother – the first guru”.

There were 3 other guests,

Hemant Pakhale – recently cleared UPSC exam,

Ajay Pawar – an all rounder student when he was in school who just completed his MBA and joined Kotak Mahindra Bank as Manager

Ovi Dixit – Marathi actress who has worked in lot of Marathi dramas, serials, talent shows and films as well. She’s studying in 10th std in our school.

So we four were invited in school along with our mothers.

Jul 20, 2013

3 weeks in Rajasthan for a workshop on advanced complex analysis

I was selected for a 3 week workshop on Advanced Complex Analysis organized by TIFR, NBHM & NBHM hosted at Central University of Rajasthan, Kishangarh from 24 June to 13 July.

There were about 20 participants.
5 From West Bengal, 1 from Sikkim, 1 from Orissa, 1 from Maharashtra (myself) and rest from Rajasthan.

The chief guest for inauguration ceremony were Prof. S. G. Dani (used to work at TIFR, now retired and is visiting faculty at IITB) and VC of the university, Prof. M. M. Salunke.

I intend to write more frequently…

I know the blog has been inactive since long.

I intend to write more frequently from now onwards and wish to make it active blog.

I was wondering what exactly I should write about. This is what I came up with.

1. I read books frequently. I can write about them.

2. About my life experiences.

3. Social issues. (India/World affairs).

4. Philosophy.

5. Mathematics.

6. Interesting / Innovative thoughts.


If you can suggest any topics, please do.

Apr 24, 2011

More equal justice for special few…

My dad told me two cases that happened in Nashik just a few days back. Not big ones, but so common that no one would even notice it.

Case 1 – A poor adivasi lady from some village was selling some tiny birds on the road for her bread and butter for the day. A police came, took her to the court, made her pay Rs. 200 fine.

Case 2 – Another villager was sitting in some government office, smoking bidi. It’s not allowed. He was taken to the court and made to pay fine!

Religious Integrity in India – Need of the Day

The other day I was reading about Savarkar.

When Savarkar wrote ‘Indian war of independence 1857’, he emphasized on Hindu-Muslim unity. He consciously accepted it, promoted it. He was 25 then. Later on when he was in Andaman, he studied Koran and found out fallacy about that thought (as per his thoughts. I’m not implying anything here).

One of the reasons is –

Islam does not allow its followers to accept the boundaries of Nation. It transcends beyond that. Their first and foremost faith lies towards their religion according to Koran. So true believers in Islam religion, naturally they put Islam before Nation. (Here Nation implies the Idea of Nation and not the actual Nation as such)