Religious Integrity in India – Need of the Day

The other day I was reading about Savarkar.

When Savarkar wrote ‘Indian war of independence 1857’, he emphasized on Hindu-Muslim unity. He consciously accepted it, promoted it. He was 25 then. Later on when he was in Andaman, he studied Koran and found out fallacy about that thought (as per his thoughts. I’m not implying anything here).

One of the reasons is –

Islam does not allow its followers to accept the boundaries of Nation. It transcends beyond that. Their first and foremost faith lies towards their religion according to Koran. So true believers in Islam religion, naturally they put Islam before Nation. (Here Nation implies the Idea of Nation and not the actual Nation as such)

Ambedkar too studied Islam and found that, Islam divides the world in two parts. Islam territory & Non-Islam territory
The proper terminologies are

Dar al-Islam – House/abode of Islam – The land where Islam runs.

Dar al-Harb – House of war – Where Islam doesn’t runs.

As per Islam religion, they can call jihad and other Islamic Nations can wage war on the ‘House of war’ to convert it to ‘House of Islam’.

Later on such ideologies of Islam religion led some Hindus feel the need of Hindurashtra – that all ‘Hindus’ should come together to defend themselves. They are deliberately giving more importance to religion to develop Hindu-Muslim conflict for their own selfish political interests.

They are corrupting other people’s minds (Hindu & Muslim both).

But we should sincerely think that as we all are here on the same land, we have to live, to survive and that too with our neighbors who might belong to any religion. More importantly we have to and we want to enjoy our precious life. So we all have no other option but to deliberately & consciously live together. Harmoniously.

I think most of us have realized this and that’s perhaps the reason why India is quite stable in the context of Muslims in India. There were some exceptions, but given the rate of progress of India due to globalization, we have no time to think about religious issues. And as the time passed since our independence, we have now come to know the futility of such religious issues.

India is on the verge of becoming global superpower. But along with that we have to make sure that the benefits of our so called ‘progress’ reach to the other end of the tail – the poor unheard Indian (of any religion). Thus we have got to maintain our brotherhood. That’s the demand of our time.

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  • India is a Secular State…. This has a deep meaning, but its sad dat we the people of india prove this Statement wrong many times…. United we Stand, Divided we Fall…….

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