Workshop at Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana

I recently attended a workshop at Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana. This post is about my experiences during those days. It was held from 27 Jan ’11 to 31 Jan ’11.

About Workshop

CAS Worshop, FOSSME, Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana, Pune.
(CAS = Computer Algebra system
FOSSME = Free Open Source Software for Maths Education)

It was aimed at maths research students & professors on how mathematicians can use open source tools for their research/teaching.

Tools we used 


We worked on thin-clients. 6 terminals 1 server. 2GB RAM is enough for running these maths tools on linux on 6 terminals simultaneously!

BP called upon some very eminent speakers having great expertise & experience on those tools.
There were 70 participants from all over India. Especially from South India, Delhi, Lucknow, West Bengal. Stay arrangements were done in hostel. Got a chance to stay in hostel after 18 months (after BE). Cherished each & every moment.

About people I met –

Met many interesting people in the workshop. Here is brief intro about some of them.

Pavel & Rajlaxmi: Recently married. Love marriage. She stood 1st, he stood 2nd from Jadavpur university(WB). Cool couple. Their story is dramatic, interesting & appealing. Both are doing Ph.D. now. Pavel is kind of cool nerd. He once participated & actually won the reality TV show conducted by Sourav Ganguly. And so got a chance to meet Dada!

Soumitra. Again Ph.D. student. Artist too. He takes a plain T-shirt, and draw some funny stuff on it by colors. So his every tee is unique!

Paltu completed his MSc from IIT Kharagpur & doing Ph.D. now. Interesting character.

These 4 guys study in the same university (Jadavpur). Came together. They all have visited Shanti Niketan Ashram & watched many movies directed by Satyajeet Ray. I realized that Bengali people are very fond of & proud of their movies, unlike Marathi people.
We 5 spent great time with each other & will cherish the memories life long.

Kuldeep – He was my room mate at the hostel along with Paltu & Soumitra. Professor in Agra university. Married. Always pulling legs of others. Very pleasent character.

Aziz – My partner for “PC sharing” during the workshop. Professor in a college in Nanded. Had totally awesome beard. Cannot call it beard actually. It was like DCH style, but with the length of almost 5cms. It’s totally cool. He did almost all the worksheets that we had to do.


Sourav Sen Gupta – A very dynamic speker from WB. He had knowledge about almost every thing that was taught in the workshops. Sage, Maxima, Cryptography etc. He delivered excellent lectures on cryptography. I bet, everyone will remember “%interact” feature of sage he shared with us.

Kapil Paranjape – A very cool speaker from IISER, Mohali. Taught us GP Pari. It’s heaven for number theorists! He demonstrated the efficiency of different algorithms for finding & testing the large primes.

Rajendra Pawale – Professor from Mumbai University. Taught how to calculate derivative (single/double) or Integration of the equation, plot the graph, solve the differential equations & stuff like that using Maxima.

Ravi Kulkarni – Demonstrated the use of GAP for finding the basis of equations.

The food was awesome. Hospitality was splendid. Thanks to Mr. Joshi, in charge of administration.

Front row: L to R: Manas, Rajlaxmi, Pavel
Back side: L to R: Paltu & Soumitra

Aziz, my workshop partner.

Workshop Hall

Apart from workshop:

Incidentally TJY yatris, ( scheduled a meet on 30th at FC college. The same day, BMCC college hosted & organized a documentary on Gandhi on eve of his death anniversary. So I bunked the afternoon session. Attended the meet first. Met 2010 yatris. Some of them were working/interested in android, showed them the cool apps we developed! (

TJY meet at cafeteria in Ranade college (besides Ferguson College).

Attended the documentary session in the evening. The documentary was almost 60 yrs old & recently published.
A day prior to that (29 Jan), they called upon a person who actually witnessed the assassination. I missed that talk.

Documentary on Gandhi, Firodia hostel, BMCC College.

Well, overall, the week was awesome. Life is all about experiences and I’m fortunate for getting chances to experience such experiences.

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